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Dive into Switzerland’s vibrant property market with the latest updates on trends, investments, regulations, and market analysis. Stay informed and make smart decisions in the dynamic Swiss real estate landscape.

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Don't make these mistakesgetty There are many reasons to hire an interior designer. Whether it’s renovating a bathroom, kitchen, or entire house—getting a professional not only makes the process easier

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Real Estate

Here’s what a Kamala Harris administration could mean for your wallet

US Vice President Kamala Harris speaks at a moderated conversation with former Trump administration national security official Olivia Troye and

10 Min Read

How renters can tell if their finances are ‘mortgage-ready’

Halbergman | E+ | Getty ImagesAre you ready to buy a home? Many renters have no idea.Millions of renter households

7 Min Read

International buyers are pulling back from the U.S. housing market

International buyers of U.S. residential real estate are running into the same hurdles as domestic buyers — namely high prices

4 Min Read

How on-time rent payments help ‘credit invisible’ consumers

Housing is the most considerable expense for U.S. consumers — and while high rents and home prices are obstacles to

6 Min Read

Mortgage refinance demand jumps to a 2-year high, as interest rates drop

Courtney Keating | Getty ImagesMortgage rates dropped to the lowest level since March last week, sparking swift demand in refinancing.

2 Min Read

San Francisco downtown is ‘ghost town’

With San Francisco facing record high commercial vacancies, one mayoral candidate has a plan to reshape the city's business district

6 Min Read

The 10 U.S. states with America’s best housing markets

America is embroiled in a housing crisis. The supply of homes is tight. The supply of affordable homes is even

9 Min Read

This stock could soar 25% as the population ages, says Bank of America

Senior housing stocks are set to take off as the American population ages, according to Bank of America. Ventas is

3 Min Read

What rentvesting is, and how it helps renters buy a home

Oscar Wong | Moment | Getty ImagesNot every renter wanting to buy a home dreams of ditching their lease. Some

8 Min Read
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